Force Security Limited ~ Brownie Kapua


Force Security Limited in Taupo is standing by, ready to help with all your Security needs, we provide outstanding customer service in all area’s of security. In addition to mobile patrols, static guards, event security, retail, forestry and farm security, we provide alarm monitoring, registered quality trained guards, crowd control, personal body guards and courses in security protection.

“Customers have trusted me with their security needs for over 30 years”

Brownie Kapua

We also supply gate security, monitoring access onto sites as well as performing random alcohol and drug testing. Our Taupo security company has experienced guards that can fulfil your security needs, even when others have failed. Contact me to talk about your requirements now. People who need security call on me every day to help them with their needs because I offer expert services great customer service and a personal service.

Put the Force Security team to work for you when you have security needs.

We also serve other areas of the North Island including Rotorua, Hamilton, Tauranga, through to Auckland.

Taupo Based Security Consultancy

Quality trained staff~Alarm Monitoring

Property guards~Crowd control

Training work shops~Courses in security

Protection: personal body guards.